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Duvet. Pine Family


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Duvet. Pine Family

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Product Specification

Brand: Pine family
Dimensions: 200 cm x 140 cm
Material: 100% Cotton fine satin with Aloe Vera
Filling: 100% Schafwollvlies and air-dried Pine Flake
Hand packed
The duvet. Zirpen family Improves quality of sleep. soothes the heart and circulation and is a sustainable. Total positive effect on the human organism. The duvet has a high-quality. breathable 100% cotton fine satin covering made with Aloe Vera. and a 100% Schafwollvlies blended with Luftgetrockneten cushion stone pine wood flakes. The blanket is cannot be washed. it should be gelüftet on a regular basis. The CWU 45/P jacket features a body FitStep pung. this is a slim cut quilted for a unique soft snuggly. Your case or accessory is made from a cosy around the body. has a fit especially soft and fits perfectly to any body.